Trilby Records

Steal My Sound

by Bigger Thomas

Released 2010
Released 2010
2-Tone Ska and roots reggae with an updated sensibility. Picking up where the Specials and the English Beat have left off and taking it to the digital age...
STEAL MY SOUND. Literally. Take it. Download it. Send it to friends. Upload it to bit torrents. Do whatever you like with it. But just listen to it. Take it in. Music is a passion. It should mark a time in your life. You should be able to say that I was listening to this song or that song and I never forgot that tune in my life. Whatever it may be. At least that's what it used to be like.

Now songs are just background. Filler for the in-between times of playing video games, watching TV, staring at a computer screen and it's lost. The music is lost! Can it be found? Who knows but dammit we're gonna try!

Music is meant to be shared- a bridge to another place, a moment in time, a connection to another person. "Steal My Sound" the phrase is a statement against all the bad music in the world - that no one cares about, that will be gone in another month from now replaced by whatever is labeled "hip" by someone you will never meet.

Ska is ghetto music. Serious music. It's the voice of the people! Sure it's danceable and sounds kitschy sometimes but in the end the best music tells a story - a song that means something. Rise up and take a stand against the so-called sound bytes that pass for music these days. The soul-sucking sounds that the masses say is the music that defines this generation.

Stand up! Rise Up and Unite - this is our fight! As I drop the CD in the tray or the needle on the vinyl let the sounds of Bigger Thomas and "Steal My Sound" infiltrate your ears and let it take you on a new musical journey to another space - a place that can't be traced, to a time when the music made you jump and sway, shimmy and shake, slam and sweat to the sounds of a bygone era like no other.

Music has value - so "STEAL MY SOUND" and tell a friend.

Jason Lawless
Los Angeles, CA
April 2010